Parents’ Day Celebrates the Mothers and Fathers of the Chinese Community

On one of the warmest days of the year to date, Manhattan’s Chinatown was the scene of an authentic program of Chinese culture and tradition, on May 19th.  The venue was the spacious, air-conditioned 300-seat auditorium of the Chinese Community Center at the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA), an organization founded in 1883 to serve and protect the interests of the Chinese people in the New York metropolitan area. The event was Parents’ Day: a combined springtime tribute to both mothers and fathers, celebrating the elders in the tight-knit community.

After a check presentation by CCBA board members to benefit a local Chinese school and recognition of the participants, a full cultural program was the highlight of the afternoon’s events, and included a myriad of colorful performances by senior community center members. Variety-show style, each act took to the stage accompanied by live or recorded music, engaging the audience with traditional numbers that they all seemed to know, as they sang and clapped along!

Conceived and presented by AlphaCare, in partnership with Lin Sing Association, another one of the oldest Chinese American organizations in existence, the well-attended inaugural event also featured a Wellness & Resource Fair, targeted at the senior guests.

Liz Ho, Community Outreach Manager for AlphaCare, was elated at the overwhelming interest and turnout for the day’s program. “It is an honor to link with an important community fixture like Lin Sing Association, especially for an occasion like Parents’ Day,” she said. “While paying respect to seniors and hard-working immigrant families, AlphaCare was also able to invite many of our hospital and home care agency partners that serve the Asian community.  Together, we present a strong network of resources that support healthy living.”

Over a dozen resource partners were in attendance, including Mannings Pharmacy, New York Presbyterian Hospital-Lower Manhattan, Xincon Home Health Care Services, NYC Commission on Human Rights, Fu Generation Foundation, and Asian Americans for Equality (AAE). Guests visited each table to speak to reps about available services, and collected information and free swag, like tote bags, key chains, and more.

Premier Home Health Care Services, one of the larger partner agencies, has a full staff dedicated to outreach in the Asian communities in New York.  A long time AlphaCare partner, Premier is active in the five boroughs, and in addition to accepting all insurances and Medicaid, their staff is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, even Korean. Malily Li, a Premier rep, expressed her gratitude for the event: “This has been a really good experience for me; it’s good to not only meet potential clients, but it’s nice to talk to reps from the other agencies that provide similar services. And I was impressed by the entertainment. I’m looking forward to the next one!”

New York for Seniors Magazine & Website Launch With Event at Boro Hall

The New York for Seniors initiative celebrates the lives and legacies of NYC’s senior population.   The initiative includes the New York for Seniors print magazine, the NY for Seniors website and New York for Seniors series of events.

New York for Seniors was created to keep NYC’s senior citizens updated and knowledgeable on key resources, health options, healthy living tips and lifestyle activities.  ‘New York for Seniors’ is a movement that galvanizes the community toward improving the quality of life for our NYC senior population.

In the launch issue you will find Exclusive interviews with Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr., Queens Councilman Daneek Miller, Dr. David Rose, the Chairman of Medicine at Brookdale Hospital, and more.

There will be a New York for Seniors Launch Event at Brooklyn Borough Hall, June 22, 2016.  There will be a live jazz band and free refreshments.  The New York for Seniors team will be on hand to discuss how your organization can be featured in the New York for Seniors print magazine or on the website.  Space is Limited!!!!   Event Information & RSVP Here

We would like to thank AlphaCare, GrowNYC and Borough President Eric L. Adams for supporting the launch of the New York for Seniors initiative.

3 Movement Exercises You Can Do in Your Apartment or Home

For Balance

This exercise is extremely simple and only requires a sturdy chair. Begin by standing with the chair either in front or behind you:

• Stand on one foot while holding onto the back of the chair. With your back straight, balance on one foot for about 10 seconds. • Repeat 10 to 15 times. Then repeat with the other leg.

For Flexibility

Working on your flexibility helps in relaxing and stretching the body, giving your movements more fluidity when doing daily activities, such as getting dressed or reaching for something on a shelf.

• If standing, begin with both feet flat on the floor, shoulder width apart. If sitting, start with both feet flat on the floor with your back straight.

• Without tipping your head forward or backward, turn your head to the side until you feel a slight stretch. Hold for 10 to 30 seconds.

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For Strength

This exercise focuses on strengthening your grip and is great for those who have issues picking up, holding onto, and opening things. Begin with a small foam or foam-like ball, such as a tennis ball, and hold it in your hand:

• Squeeze the ball as tightly as you can for 3 to 5 seconds, then relax your grip slowly. Repeat 10 to 15 times. Then switch to the other hand.

• Repeat twice with both hands.

Safety Tips

These exercises should be incorporated into a thirty-minute or longer workout, done 2 to 3 days a week. Always make sure to speak with your doctor before performing any exercise that affect areas prone to pain, such as any areas that have had surgery.

– Nikkia Rivera