For many people, the ability to move is so basic and intuitive that it’s taken for granted.

While some people face mobility challenges early in life due to disability, injury, or illness, the majority of the population doesn’t give much thought to this important aspect of our lives. From the time we learn to lift our heads, crawl, and grasp objects, movement is integral to the way in we approach life and experience the world. However, although it may seem simple—you don’t have to think about scratching your head, grasping a pen, or reaching out a hand to steady yourself when you trip—movement is in fact a highly complex phenomenon, requiring exquisitely refined communication between the brain and the rest of the body. In certain disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease, this communication is disrupted.


Content provided by Edison Home Health Care. Their team of trusted advisors is happy to assist you or any loved one who seek appropriate care for Parkinson problems. Have questions? Give them a call at 888-311-1142, or fill out a contact form.


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