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This winter, it might be best to keep your elderly loved ones inside more often to avoid getting sick or injuries such as slipping and falling on ice. But, just because your senior is indoors doesn’t mean she doesn’t get to have lots of fun!

Check out these 5 cool ways to keep your loved ones entertained indoors this winter!

1. Bowling
If your senior has the strength to bowl, plan a fun family bowling night! Being surrounded by loved ones and friends is an easy way for your senior to avoid seasonal depression.

Karaoke can be done at your loved ones home or at a restaurant! Having fun, singing with family and friends is a sure way to keep your senior happy.

3. Movie Night
On the weekends, get the whole family together to spend some time with grandma/grandpa, and watch their favorite movies! Not only will this make everyone closer, but it will give their grand children amazing memories to dwell upon when they are older.

4. Family Dinners
Most families get together on Sundays for big family dinners, and you can do this every Sunday! Make it a tradition! You never have to wait for a holiday to come around to have big family dinners.

5. Spending Time With Grandkids On Weekends
If your loved one has grandchildren, spending a few hours with them every weekend will surely bring your senior joy.

Try these 5 cool tips and let us know via Facebook which one works best for your family!

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