What Is It?

Access-a-Ride is an MTA run program that allows eligible people to be picked up and dropped off by Access-a-Ride vehicles. These rides cover everywhere that mass transit is available, including parts of Nassau and Westchester Counties. The service is always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How Do I Request A Pickup?

If you use the area codes 212, 347, 516, 631,646, 718, 845, 914, or 929, the Access-a-Ride number is 877-337-2017. If you live outside any of the given area codes, then the Access-a-Ride number is 718-393-4999.

When requesting a pickup, you can either request a pickup time or an appointment time, but not both. A pickup time is the time you wish to be picked up. This time will not always be definite, and Access-a-Ride may offer a pickup time that is either up to an hour earlier or later from your requested time. Appointment time is the time you wish to arrive at your destination.

When planning to use Access-a-Ride, always plan based on maximum travel times. Because Access-a-Ride is a public service that also makes other pickups, it’s travel time is much longer than that of a normal car or transit ride. The maximum travel times are:

Miles                                     Maximum Ride Time
0 to                                        350 minutes
3 to 6                                     1 hour 5 minutes
6 to 9                                     1 hour 35 minutes
9 to 12                                   1 hour 55 minutes
12 to 14                                 2 hours 15 minutes
Greater than 14 miles       2 hours 35 minutes

When canceling same-day trips, you must call two hours in advance and cancel with Travel Services. If you are canceling a reserved trip one or two days in advance, cancel with Reservations. When canceling a two-way trip, you must make it clear that you are canceling both trips. If you cancel trips last minute or do not show up, you will be penalized.

What To Do If They’re Late

In the event that no Access-a-Rides are available to pick you up, taxi/car service authorization and reimbursements are available. When this occurs, a CCA will give you an authorization number. This number is necessary in receiving your reimbursement . It is your responsibility to call the taxi/car service and pay the fare, any tolls, and tip. You must receive a receipt. Afterwards, you have up to three months to send for a reimbursement on the trip. To learn how, visit here.

If your Access-a-Ride is more than 30 minutes late, then you can call
Travel Services and ask the Customer Care Associate (CCA) for a trip status, which will include the current location of the car, the driver’s name and the car’s number. If, for any reason, your car is unable to make it, the CCA will either send another Access-a-Ride or send a taxi/car service authorization.

Violations And Suspensions

Access-a-Rides are allowed to wait five minutes before leaving. If you do not show up to for your scheduled ride, or you cancel less than two hours before, those are considered violations. If you do not show up to seven or more pickups in a month or you late cancel rides 30% or more of your scheduled trip in a month, you can face suspension.

Suspension lengths are based on how many suspensions you have prior. The lengths are:

1st suspension                       1-week period
2nd suspension                      2-week period
3rd suspension                       3-week period
4th suspension                       4-week period
5th  and beyond                      4-week period

For more information about violations and suspensions, visit here.


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