What is Access-a-Ride?

Access-a-Ride is an MTA funded transportation program that lets vehicles pick up and drop off those who are unable to use mass transit due to disability or age. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you use the area code 212, 347, 516, 631,646, 718, 845, 914, or 929, the Access-a-Ride number is 877-337-2017. If you live outside any of the given area codes, then the Access-a-Ride number is 718-393-4999.

Who is eligible ?  

Access-a-Ride determines if you are eligible based on your applications. Those whose applications are accepted are separated into four categories:

Full – Allowed full access to Access-a-Ride & must reapply every five years.

Continual – Do not have to reapply due to permanent conditions.

Conditional – Allowed access to Access a Ride under certain conditions.

Temporary – Are either full or conditional for under five years.

For those who with conditional access, can only use AAR when the conditions listed on their AAR MetroCard/ ID apply. These conditions can include:

Stairs Restricted – Subway station is inaccessible.

Extreme Cold – Temperature is forecast to be 39°F or below on the day of travel.

Extreme Heat – Temperature is forecast to be 90°F or above on the day of travel.

Extreme Cold & Stairs Restricted

Extreme Heat & Stairs Restricted

Weather-related or Environmental Barriers (such as humidity, snow and icy streets)

Unfamiliar Places – Customer’s with a cognitive or visual impairment who are unfamiliar with bus and/or subway routes to the trip destination.

Distance – Subway station or bus stop is further away than they are able to travel.

How to Apply

To apply to Access-a-Ride, call and speak with Eligibility to schedule an appointment with your local assessment center, which they will inform you on the location. Once you make an appointment, AAR will send you an application in the mail within five days. The application will include information on how to set up an Access-a-Ride to get to and from the appointment. Accommodations such as receiving large print, braille, or recorded application, the need of a sign interpreter, the need for another person to travel with you, or interpretation services are all available.    

Visit the Access-A-Ride website here.


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