Greenmarket Seniors promoting healthy eating and living habits, the Greenmarket Seniors Program teaches seniors the ins and outs of shopping at their local farmers’ markets. Seniors will gain insight into where and how fresh produce is grown, and will learn why it is beneficial to eat healthy and support local vendors. The program also incorporates healthy cooking demonstrations and a sampling of the market’s wide variety of fresh foods.

The Greenmarket Seniors program was created in direct correlation with our mission, to ensure that healthy food is attainable for all New Yorkers, no matter their age, economic status or neighborhood,” commented Rob Shepherd, Greenmarket’s Healthy Exchange Project Coordinator. “Our programming provides seniors the education and tools to access a more healthy and active lifestyle.

Presentations and Tours

Greenmarket Seniors is offered year round with the opportunity for senior centers to take part in two exciting activities: 1) presentations at your senior center; and/or 2) interactive farmers market tours.

During the warmer summer and fall months, senior center groups are taken on 45 to 60 minute tours around a local Greenmarket. Tour participants will be given a short presentation explaining the goal of Greenmarkets and will travel from booth to booth to learn about local agriculture and food production. A healthy cooking demonstration will also be included, and participants will receive free healthy recipes and information on how to incorporate fresh, healthy foods into their diets.

The winter/spring segment brings the experience of a farmers’ market into the senior center. Greenmarket staffers will give an interactive presentation that will include a description of the Greenmarket Program, pictures of farms, and a Q & A about the markets. Both beginner and cooking savvy seniors will get to enjoy a live cooking demonstration along with recipes and tips on healthy eating. All attendants will also receive a sample of healthy food made with fresh Greenmarket ingredients.  

The cost is $42 for both activities. For tours, up to 30 seniors can attend and there is no attendance cap on senior center presentations. Date and time availability for tours varies, but senior centers may tour any Greenmarket of their choosing. Greenmarket farmers’ markets are spread throughout NYC, with over 50 markets located in the five boroughs. Centers are encouraged to choose local Greenmarkets in or close to their neighborhood.

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