In the U.S, it is estimated that well over 500,000 people are homeless at any given time, with an estimation of 50% of those people being over the age of fifty. Many senior citizens are at a very high risk of losing their homes, especially those living in New York City. Whether due to eviction, loss of one’s home, high medical costs, physical or mental illness or any other number of causes, no one deserves to be without a home. Here, we list three programs that help seniors, who have either lost their homes or are in danger of losing their homes, find their footing and protect them against homelessness.


DOROT’s Homelessness Prevention Program (or HPP) is a transitional residence that is open to any senior over the age of sixty who is homeless or in danger of becoming homeless. The program offers temporary housing where seniors are provided with meals, counseling, and assistance finding permanent housing. Even after seniors are placed in permanent housing, HPP continues to provide services that ensure the person’s wellness and safety.

To qualify for the program, all seniors must first meet with a DOROT social worker before entering into the program.

To learn more about the DOROT program, visit their website here, or call (212) 580–0001.

Eviction Protection

The NYC Human Resources Administration offers free Anti-Eviction Legal Services to low-income households facing eviction. According to the HSA, these services may include:

  • Representation in housing court
  • Negotiations with landlords and/or other advocacy assistance
  • Inquiries into whether a tenant’s rent level is correct, whether there are conditions that require repair and whether these constitute defenses to a proceeding
  • Preparation and filing of required agency and court papers


Anti-Eviction Legal Services offices are spread throughout all five boroughs. Visit here for the full list of offices.

Visit to learn more and to find other rent-aid and related programs.

Homeless Prevention Fund

For households earning between $15,000 and $30,00 annually, who are unable to get assistance from other programs and are in danger of displacement due to outstanding payments, may be eligible to receive emergency financial assistance. The Homeless Prevention Fund offers this assistance to households that:

  • Have an eviction petition filed
  • Are able to continue paying rent in the future

For more information on the Homeless Prevention Fund, visit or contact any of the addresses listed below:

Coalition for the Homeless
129 Fulton Street
New York, NY 10038
Eviction Prevention Hotline: (212) 776-2039

The Bridge Fund
105 East 22nd Street, Suite 621 E
New York, NY 10010
Phone: (212) 674-0812

Community Service Society
105 East 22nd Street, Room 409
New York, NY 10010
Phone: (212) 614-5375

For even more information on housing for seniors, visit the New York City Senior’s Housing Guide found here.


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