Are You Worried About…

Lack Of Warmth?

While indoor plants have the advantage of staying warmer, your home is not always as toasty as your plants need it to be. When the heat is low or off, indoor plants can suffer from the cold, especially when placed by windows or drafty areas. While you can’t leave your heat on all day, there is a surprisingly simple solution to keeping your plants warm: Bubble wrap.

Pots can be wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure the roots of the plant doesn’t die due to frost. This also benefits the pot, especially terracotta or ceramic pots, which tend to crack due to frost. The bubble wrap should fully wrap around the pot, completely covering the sides and secured so not to unravel. The top of the pot should be left open.

If you’re worried about your indoor plants looking unsightly, then hessian wrap is a good alternative. The woven fabric gives indoor plants a more rustic look, and can be layered and decorated easier then bubble wrap can.  

Low Humidity?

During the winter, indoor heaters and heating systems create low humidity in the household, causing many plants to brown at the edges quicker than usual. There are a few different tricks to help combat this:

  • Keep your plants close together. Plants naturally release moisture into the air, so keeping them together will allow them to absorb the extra moisture.
  • Use an air humidifier near your plants.  
  • Place plants in the kitchen or a bathroom, where steam is regularly present.
  • In a shallow tray, place enough clean pebbles, gravel, or sand, so that a potted plant can be placed on top. Then fill the tray with water. The water should not rise above the gravel/pebbles. This will allow the water to evaporate around the plant, giving it extra moisture. Be sure to place the pot on top of the pebbles/gravel and not on directly in the water. Placing the plant in the water can cause the roots to rot.

Leaving The House?  

If you’re leaving your home for a few days and are worried about keeping your plants hydrated, there is a simple trick that can be done in order to keep your plants alive. After heavily watering all your plants, place them all in your bathtub or shower before you leave. The humidity of the bathroom will help keep the plants warm and hydrated for the few days you’re gone.


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