What is NORC?

NORC-SSP’s are naturally occurring retirement communities supportive service program. These communities are housing complexes or apartment buildings with a high population of seniors. They offer specialty health and social services for communities elderly population. NORC’s are not strictly inhabited by seniors, nor were they purposely developed to be senior-only communities; Instead, communities become NORC’s once more than 50% of the residents are elderly or when 2,500 residents are over the age of 65. To be a NORC, buildings or complexes must:

  • Be an apartment building or housing complex that was constructed with government assistance (x).
  • Have a majority of the residents receiving low to moderate incomes (x).

What is NNORC?

NNORC’s are neighborhood naturally occurring retirement communities. While similar to NORC, NNORC’s are neighborhoods instead of buildings or complexes. According to the Office for Aging website, to be an NNORC, a neighborhood must:

  • Contain residential buildings or complexes that are in a geographically-defined neighborhood.
  • Have no more than 2,000 people 60 or older reside in, at least, 40% of the neighborhood units.
  • Be made up of low-rise buildings, six stories or less in height, single- or multi-family homes that were not originally built for elderly persons.
  • Be open to all people, not just the elderly population.

(source:aging.ny.gov/NYSOFA/Programs/CommunityBased/NORC-NNORC )


NORC and NNORC’s programs and services can include:

  • Service coordination
  • Case assistance
  • Case management
  • Counseling
  • Health assessment and monitoring
  • Home delivered meals
  • Transportation
  • Socialization activities
  • Homecare facilitation and monitoring

Currently, NORC and NNORC programs are helping over 19,000 seniors in New York. To find out whether or not your community is a NORC or NNORC, visit here. To learn more about NORCs and NNORC’s, visit here.



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