What is CDPAS?

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services, or CDPAS, is a Medicaid program that provides medical and aide services for individuals who are disabled or suffering from a chronic illness. These services are provided by caregivers, such as home attendants, home health aides, or nurses. CDPAS allows recipients the freedom to manage their own caregivers, and gives the recipient flexibility in creating their own schedules, choosing their attendants, and making sure everything works within their comfort level.     

“(CDPAS) enables members to find aides who meet specific criteria that are important to them, such as cultural and language needs,” comments Brian Morgan, Business leader for MLTC at AlphaCare. “It places a great deal of responsibility on the member to direct their care … – but many feel that the benefits far outweigh the responsibilities.”

How does it work?

Recipients of CDPAS are responsible for choosing, hiring, training, supervising, and (if needed) terminating their personal caregiver. If the recipient prefers a caregiver they already know, adult family members (other than a spouse) can be hired, regardless of whether or not they live with the recipient.  Recipients are also responsible for keeping payroll records, arranging and organizing any additional services, and preparing back-up coverage.  It is the recipient’s duty to make sure that their caregivers are trained to meet the mandatory requirements for health tests, immunizations and examinations. Recipients also make sure that nurse attendants are registered, and that alternate attendants are available when the primary caregiver is unavailable.    

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for CDPAS, an individual must be eligible or be receiving New York State Medicaid.  They also must be eligible for medical assistance, long-term care or personal care services, and be able and willing to make clear, knowledgeable choices and judgments on the management of their services. In order to begin receiving CDPAS, individuals need approval from the CDPAS, Medicare, and the New York City Human Resources Administration/ Department of Social Services (HRA/DSS). To be approved by the Department of Social Services, a Physician’s Order for Services form needs to be filled out by a licensed physician, physician assistant, or a certified nurse, after conducting a medical examination of the prospective recipient.






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