When we arrived at Councilman Daneek Miller’s office, one recent morning, he was already out making the rounds in the community of Southeast Queens. However, we were fortunate enough to catch him as he stopped in the office for a minute, before running out once again. “We are on our way now to a Queens delegation meeting to discuss initiatives that impact the lives of our seniors, not just my area of Queens, but the entire borough”, stated Councilman Miller.

The Councilman stressed the need to continue to do the work and provide the services that assist with the quality of life issues for his senior constituents. “We’ve done everything from digital services for our seniors, to assisting with legal services. We have to

protect our seniors, and we try to do that through the legal initiatives that exist, to fight predatory lending, theft of deeds and other unscrupulous crimes they might face. In this area we have approximately 65% home ownership.”

While the Councilman fights for his seniors, he also takes time to celebrate them through his Senior Month initiative, which takes place during the month of September, as well as hosting a senior luncheon, attracting over 400 seniors. For more information on Councilman Miller’s senior initiatives contact his office at 172-12 Linden Blvd., St. Albans, NY 11434, (718)776- 3700.

– Lawrence Avery


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