A new method for requesting an emergency ambulance with 21st century technology has been established right here in Brooklyn. SmartEMS is a free application that can be downloaded on any smart phone and computer. When registering, you enter your medical demographics such as your medical history, allergies, medications, insurance information, emergency contacts, and even the hospital(s) you would prefer to be taken. This data is kept encrypted and secured, with all HIPAA regulations met.

When you need an ambulance, you just press on the big red button on your phone app and our Dispatch / Call Center in Canarsie, Brooklyn will immediately assign the closest appropriate unit to your location. Your emergency contacts (spouse, child, caretaker, physician, etc.) will be notified by text and e-mail that you have requested an ambulance, when the ambulance arrives, and when you arrive at your destination with the facility name and phone number. Like this your loved ones will know where you are and where to call. The patient will also see on their smart phone the GPS layout of the ambulance responding, with updated Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA’s) every 30 seconds. If the patient is too weak to type in their chief complaint, they have the option to press a different button and be connected by phone to our Call Receiving Center where an operator can assist and dispatch an ambulance.

The responding ambulance crew will receive your medical information which you provided in your registration, so that they can concentrate on your medical care instead of wasting time asking about your history, medications, and insurance information. They are required to verify and confirm the information to ensure accuracy. The crew will also receive immediate GPS directions on their phone to expedite their response.

This service will also take you to the hospital of your choice, unless you are in such a serious condition that you require to first be stabilized at the closest facility or if you meet the criteria for a Specialty Referral Center such as for a burn or trauma. Otherwise, you can choose a facility within the 5 boroughs, or a neighboring hospital if you are on the NYC border.

This app streamlines the entire EMS response process, reduces the amount of time spent on the scene with the patient, and takes the patient to a facility where their physician has privileges so they can continue in the patient’s care. This app brings emergency medical services to the 21st century! It took 2 years of developing and field testing before they felt it was ready to launch.

Director Jack Finkelstein has over 37 years of EMS experience and is an Instructor for the Department of Health and the American Heart Association as well as a Certified Emergency Manager. “I am so proud to be able to launch this service that I know will help NYC and provide the medical care in an expeditious and efficient manner. Even if a client does not have a smart phone, they can register on a computer and just call our Emergency Hotline at 1-888-804-SMART (7627).”

For more information or to register, you can go to www.SmartEMSapp.com or call their Hotline for assistance.


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