Find the Perfect Temperature

For every degree higher you set your thermostat to, you’re adding around a 1 to 3% increase onto your heating bill. And if you have the habit of turning your thermostat to the highest possible degree, you’re wasting a lot of money. Thermostats are meant to keep a comfortable temperature in your home. So, while setting your thermostat onto 75 degrees or higher seems like a good idea when you’re rushing in from the cold, you’ll just wind up overheating your home. Most experts agree that the best temperature to keep your thermostat at is 68°.

But, not everyone is going to be comfortable at 68°. Instead of sticking to just one degree, try setting your thermostat between 68° to 72° during the day. When no one’s home or at night, aim between 62° and 66°.

Keep the Heat Inside the House

Just because the heat in your home is on doesn’t mean it’s staying inside. Heat escapes through a variety of ways. Some simple tips to help prevent this include:

  • Making sure that all of your windows are locked and sealed. This will keep hot air from escaping and cold air from drifting in.
  • Take out any removable air conditioners.
  • If sunny out, keep the curtains and blinds open. This allows for the sunlight to help heat your home.
  • Once it becomes dark out, close any curtains. This will help seal the hot air in.
  • Place a carpet or rug over uninsulated wooden floors.
  • Keep doors closed. This will keep smaller rooms, like bedrooms, warmer.
  • Switch ceiling fans to move clockwise. The majority of ceiling fans have a switch at the base. The clockwise movement helps distribute warm air that rises to the ceiling.
  • Make sure no furniture is blocking any radiators or vents.  
  • Use under the door draft stoppers to keep cold air from seeping in.

Keep Yourself Warm

While keeping your house warm, it’s important to remember that it’s all for your benefit, especially if you live alone or with few other people. Sometimes the best option is to focus on keeping your body insulated. Simple things like wearing sweaters or sleeping with heavier blankets can easily keep you as warm as your thermostat, and it certainly helps you save money! Of course, it’s all about comfort. You should never be freezing or suffering inside your own home. Finding your own happy medium is essential to staying warm and comfortable all throughout the winter.


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