Don’t have an air conditioner, or just looking for ways to keep your electricity bills down? No problem. Here, we list some of the best ways to keep cool without an air conditioner during the summer heat.

Keep It dark

Light gives off heat, both natural and artificial. Keeping the lights off will noticeably cool down a room, especially if you use Incandescent light bulbs, which wastes 90% of its energy giving off heat. If you must have the lights on, try switching to CFLs or LEDs, which don’t give off nearly as much heat. And, while relying on all natural sunshine is a much better alternative to light bulbs, that doesn’t mean you should open every curtain and blind in the house. Windows let in heat. So, keeping your blinds and curtains drawn will help make a room feel cooler, especially at night.  

Keep the air moving

One of the most important things to do during a hot day is to keep the hot air away from you. Tricks such as using counter-clockwise fans (which gives a nice breeze while moving the air), keeping the doors open (which keeps hot air from being stuck in one room), and keeping on bathroom or kitchen exhaust fans (which sucks steam and hot air out of the room) all aid in creating a cool, breathable atmosphere.

Upgrade your fan

Place a shallow bowl or pan of ice cubes in front of your fan while it’s running. As the ice melts, the fan will pick up on the cold air, giving off a pleasantly cool breeze.

Revamp your nighttime routine

Lightweight cotton sheets are much more comfortable and cooling during summer nights than flannel or fleece sheets and blankets. Also, try using buckwheat pillows, which don’t hold heat and stay cooler for longer periods of time.

For really hot nights, try placing your sheets in a Ziplock bag and placing them in the refrigerator a few minutes before going to bed. Once cool, take them out and make your bed with them. While they won’t last all night, the cool temperature will help you fall asleep faster and more comfortably.

Get creative

The main thing you should focus on when trying to cool down is cooling down your body temperature. While creating a cooler environment is an efficient way to do that, there are some easier tricks that will help cool you down. Some of these include:

-Icing your feet in cold or ice water. Simply fill a bucket or a large bowl with cold water and rest with your feet in it.

-Creating a cool-down spray. In a spray bottle, add cold water and 15 drops of peppermint essential oil. Use it whenever you’re feeling heated.

-Making your own frozen eucalyptus towels. Find the recipe here.

-Keep your creams and lotions in the fridge. When you apply them, the cold product will help cool down your body, and can even reduce puffiness and boost skin circulation. Just be sure your products are labeled as non-edible or stored away from direct sight, especially if you live with small children.   

-If you’re looking for a really old-school trick, try doing as the ancient Egyptians did. Dampen a bed sheet in cold water then wrap it around yourself. While it may seem a little silly, it will offer a gratifying relief on the hottest of days.  


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