AlphaCare, a Magellan Health company based in Brooklyn, New York, has introduced a new, fun, and entertaining way for New York City’s senior citizens to learn about the resources that are available to them that they might not have otherwise known about. It’s a Spin-wheel game called ‘The Wheel of Health’, and it’s quickly become an event favorite for all attendees.

First, players Spin the ‘Wheel of Health’, and if they land on a Number, then the AlphaCare rep asks the player as question that corresponds to that number. Some examples question would be ‘What is the name of the program that allows a family member to get paid for caring for you?’, and ‘Name one of the many beneficial services that Senior Centers offer for older adults?’. If the player gets the question right, then they receive a Premium Prize, which can vary from a 100% cotton t-shirt, to a full manicure set. In the event that the player does not get the answer correct, the AlphaCare rep explains the answer in full detail and still provides the player with a smaller prize.

There are also 4 Bonus Slots on the ‘Wheel of Health’ that give automatic prizes, which stirs a lot of excitement for the players and spectators. “It’s a fun way to learn about these programs that I should know about. Plus, the prizes are great!” said Thelma Jones, attendee of the recent Wellness Resource Series event at the Brooklyn Sports Club earlier this summer.

If you are interested in playing the ‘Wheel of Health’ game or would like to see it in action, Sign Up for the upcoming Wellness Resource Health Fair at the Sunset Park Recreation Center.



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